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I'm going to haunt you every day.

Sunday I went out with Jenni to the best Haunted "house" ever! We did have to wait in line in 35 degree weather for 45 minutes before entering the primarily outdoor event, but it was worth it. You start out in a barn where they -really- creep you out. It's pitch black and of course sometimes you get a light and see some little demon guy chasing you. Well, eventually you get out and go into the haunted woods. Have you seen pet semetary? Yeah, it's just like walking down that path plus having the glowing light at the end... Anyway, we get halfway through and it's about 1/2 mile-3/4 a mile long and this guy is chasing us with a real, working chainsaw. We both tripped and went flying into the ground. So what does Mr. Chainsaw man do? Hover over us with that thing less than 2 feet away from our bodies trying to kill us. Well, turns out she twisted her ankle so we tried to stuble away. Wasn't fast enough for chainsaw man so he tried to chase us again. Eventually we got to the next station where we begged the guy to help us because Jenni went into an asthma attack along with the ankle - not cool. We were able to take a quad out of there, which was a fun little ride. I drove her home and all was well.

Today, I finally decide to call my employer and try to figure out why my direct deposit wasn't in my account. Normally I'm paid Fridays and it doesn't show up until Monday, but I need to pay rent. Oh, guess what, they decided to switch systems so I have my check mailed to me. Yay! TGF Dean sending me that check or I would have been out of luck. Probably have to get a money order on my credit card or something.

Then I'm having computer problems. For some reason, my relativly new black cartridge doesn't want to print. I tried cleaning it, shaking it, and running the test to no avail. Then, last night, I tried to watch a movie on my computer. The disc is perfect, but it'll skip. So I tried it in my other drive and lost my sound. Put it back in the other drive and no sound and skipping. Now I just have no sound. Bah!

And with my car. For some reason, people don't understand that I'm incompetitent when it comes to picture directions. Please, use words. I can't replace my windshild wipers because it looks like I have to take an object out of the wiper and replace it. Why would I break a piece off a new wiper? Bah!
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