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So many dreams I kept deep inside me.

Damnit, Eugene! I want to be sound asleep right now, as I need to be awake in three hours. Because of you, because of our talks, I can't. You see, I'm a healer. I can say that it helps you, and that's great. However, seeing you EVERY-SINGLE-DAY and taking your stress upon myself has starting to effect my sleep. I dream mostly in conversation. When I wake up thinking I'm talking to you, I begin to have issues.

You see, you're a great man. Wonderful... really. The fact that we can have so much chemistry is amazing! You know that it will go away as soon as my helping you is over. I can see it fading already. I was too busy thinking of all of this, as I laid in my bed. I always ruin my writing when I think too much about it. It also defeats the purpose, mostly because now I can't just get it out of my head.

I need a better way to revive myself. Maybe I should just be grateful for your friendship and stop over analyzing that I help you in the only way I know how, and stop mixing that up with having some sort of power.

And I'm sorry that I can't use your song for the title. :(
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