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We don't care about the old folks, talking about the old style.

I'm so frustrated right now!! As of tomorrow, I will have been sick for two weeks. It got really bad one week ago today. At first I thought maybe it was bronchitis, and when I went to my doctor on Monday, she said I should stick it out a few more days. I went back today, though it was the other doctor, because my right ankle is swollen on the top and I can barely walk. Let me tell you, driving was fun... Anyway, he sort of dismissed that as arthritis - um, hello? seriously?-, and took some swaps and blood tests. He thinks maybe strep, but he was talking to another doctor and looking at some books with lung conditions. He wants me to see him again on Friday. Oh, oh oh, on the plus side, my fever is finally gone today. I mean it goes up a little and comes back down, but no more 100.0+! My eyes are still bloodshot and having them open for more than a few minutes hurts. Hell, most of the time I just lay in bed and wait for the day to be over. The only reason I went out today was to buy a new thermometer! I haven't gone to work yet this week. I simply don't have the energy. I'm going to see if the doctor will write me a slip to excuse me for a week or so. I don't know, if I could actually walk, I'd consider going to work. Anyway, I just needed a quick vent before working on homework. Okay, bye bye.
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