Background Noise (backgroundnoise) wrote,
Background Noise

Step mom

So me, the boy, and his boy were walking around Zona Rosa this weekend. When we were exiting Barnes and Nobel, the little one said "You're the best step mom EVER!" Put the emphasis on step mom for a minute. Not only are those at work treating us like we're married, but now his son also is nudging in that direction. Robert even told me he didn't put him up to it. I mean, we've discussed marriage and it could work. There are some things we need to seriously discuss before it all goes down, but I think we're both ready. I'm scared, crazy scared. And then it was a shock to realize that yes, I will be caring for a dependent. I've always wanted children, and I'm grateful he's twelve, but it's still knowing that I need to meet his needs that scares me. I'm sure it'll all be okay though.
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